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Many women in south Florida feel the need to improve or rejuvenate their appearance. This is why they seek procedures such as breast augmentation in order to enhance their beauty and have the body they always dreamed of. When it comes to implants, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. It’s important you discuss with your surgeon which one is the most suitable choice in your personal case. Although silicone breast implants are more popular these days, saline breast implants Miami also have their advantages.

These breast implants are saline-filled with a solution of water and salt. As in silicone, saline implants come in different shapes and sizes, and they also have a soft, smooth, and textured surface.

At Blue Lagoon Plastic Surgery Miami our surgeons help patients decide the type of incision they want in order to place these implants. Weather under the breast, around the areola, axillary or umbilical (TUBA), our surgeons can help you determine which incision is more convenient for you and help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Saline implants are filled after they are placed within the breast. Your plastic surgeon can reduce or increase the amount of fluid on the implant, by using a syringe. As for implant placement, saline implants can be placed freely in any of the various spaces that plastic surgeons pick to contain this type of prosthesis: partial sub-muscular, total muscle, and glandular sub.

Blue Lagoon Plastic Surgery has been performing several surgical procedures over the years including breast augmentation with saline breast implants. This is why we are thrilled to invite you to read our online breast augmentation reviews and see what our patients are saying.

Advantages of Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are completely safe. In case of rupture of the capsule or sheath wear, serum content can spill out of the shell but the body quickly absorbs it since saline implants Miami Florida are filled with a mixture water and fluid salt which it is similar to what the human body is composed of. Saline implants also have the advantage of being inserted into the body of the patient and folded empty, requiring less incisions.

Other advantages of saline implants Miami Florida are that the sizes of the prosthesis are a topic of great indecision on the part of the patients.

Saline implants are the only breast implants that can be filled through a removable tube, allowing size adjustment by adding or removing fluid through the fill tube in order to give the patient the opportunity to correct any errors in the size they picked.

Saline Implants Risks

Saline implants may involve some risks. It is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing the type of implant for your breasts, such as:

  • Possible rupture
  • Infection and pain like in any plastic surgery.
  • Need for further surgery or removal of the implant.
  • Capsular contracture can occur and scar tissue can form a capsule that compresses the implant

Differences between Silicone Gel Implants Miami and Saline Implants Miami

Some differences between them include:

  • Silicone implants are filled before surgery and inserted through a 4 inches incision while the saline implant it’s inserted through a smaller incision of 1 inch or so; and then filled with the desired saline implant size.
  • In the case of saline implants, the implants deflate and the breast becomes smaller so it is easier for the physician to recognize the implant is broken. With silicone implants, this cannot be noticed. If the outer shell of the implant breaks, the doctor cannot know without doing an MRI.
  • If saline implants break when they are removed there would be no complications since the saline solution in them is completely secured. On the other hand, if a silicone implant breaks at the time of removal, there is a possibility that the silicone will have contact with the body which may cause complications.
  • Also saline and silicone have different prices. Silicone implants are 3 times more expensive than saline.
  • You have to be over 22 years of age to perform a procedure involving silicone implants, whereas saline implants in Miami Florida only require 18 years of age in order for the procedure to be performed

Common Questions and Answers about Saline Breast Implants Miami

How long saline implants last?

On average, implants can last 10 to 15 years. Saline warranties should cover surgical costs during the first 10 years. Saline implants tend to deflate quickly, changing in shape and the can liquid or saline solution can exits the silicone shell.

Are Saline Implants Safe?

These implants were the only option for many years. They are FDA approved and they are safe. They were approved on women 18 years of age and older. Some of them are filled during the operation while others are pre-filled. They can also be used in revision surgeries.

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